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Thank you for your generous donation to the Student Veterans Center. Your contribution will have a tremendous impact on both the Center and the individual Veteran and military connected students we serve.

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The Student Veterans Center's mission is to provide a supportive and welcoming environment for all Veteran and military-connected students, to ensure a smooth transition to the university, and then, into the workforce. Xavier has taken one of its core Jesuit values of caring for the whole person and applied that to the center's staffing, programming, support services and the physical space itself. The center is focused on men and women for others; we are a leader in displaying that value as we strive to execute the university's mission. The Center provides students with the resources and experiences they need to ensure their personal, academic and professional success. We recognize that it is support from alumni, Veterans, Veteran advocates, community partners, and other friends of the center that make it all possible.

Donations are applied to...

Your financial support of the Xavier Student Veterans Center provides our Veteran and military-connected students with the necessary resources required to be successful at Xavier and beyond including:

  • Dedicated full time, professional staff
  • Networking and professional development opportunities
  • Veteran specific experiences such as retreats and education abroad
  • Emergency funding for students in financial crisis
  • Updated technology for the center
  • Student appreciation events
  • Student internship and employment opportunities
  • Student professional development grant program
  • And more!

Why are donations necessary?

Xavier University and the Student Veterans Center serve approximately 300 Veteran and military connected students. We have seen a 47 percent growth in our enrollment since the Fall 2016. As our population grows, so do the needs and resources needed to support these students to the best of our ability.

Donations empower us to provide these students with the kind of experience they deserve, one that will enable them to take the next step in their personal and professional development.

Your financial support will allow us to sustain the operations of the Student Veterans Center for generations to come.